Tuesday, July 8, 2008

cadKat Spotlight: the cadWeazle

What is the cadWeazle?

cadWeazle is an all-terrain wheelchair that actually does what any other electric wheelchair on theplanet cannot. Mobility, accessibility, freedom - for most wheelchair users these words merely sound like a false promise, a dream at best. But this time is over now, because you can say goodbye to unaccessible areas and farewell to borders and limitations. Introducing the cadWeazle by cadKat.

cadWeazle lets you go places you might already have abandoned in your mind due to the fact that your wheelchair won't take you there. Beaches, mudflats, snowy forests - any area can now be reached and discovered even by those who cannot use their own legs. Control your cadWeazle with a Joystick and let the sun charge its batteries via solar roof. Not needing gas or oil the cadWeazle is the most environment friendly vehicle of its kind. Due to its big balloon tires the cadWeazle uses a large surface to support its weight. Therefore the pressure on the ground is minimized. The cadWeazle can run over seashells during a mudflat hike and leave them undamaged - not even a careful mudflat hiker can do that.

The vehicle is completely silent and its movements are very steady and smooth, thus cadWeazle does not create any kind of hostile or threatening presence. It has been frequently used to watch birds and seals from a minimal distance in the North Sea - an amazing experience especially for wheelchair users who would have never guessed they would be sitting right at the bottom of the North Sea.

For more information on the cadWeazle visit our cadWeazle website.

Many more videos of the cadWeazle in action can be found in our official YouTube channel.

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