Tuesday, February 10, 2009

cadKat goes Neoprene

We are very proud to announce the start of our brand-new product line – ASCAN quality Neoprene suits and clothing accessories! With us – cadKat – Europe finally has a Neoprene store its water sports fans have been waiting for so long.

Designed by the German surf- and sailing company Canel, ASCAN stands for inexpensive Neoprene suits for any aquatic athlete and water sports fan. Not only do these wetsuits, overalls and shorties look fabulous they also come with a lot of handy features to enhance your water sports experience dramatically. If you are looking for a decent Neoprene dealer with quality products to spare your wallet at the same time, you should definitely check our new Shop section. Let us give you a short idea of what we are talking about.

Sailors go with the ASCAN Cup series

These Neoprene suits have everything a modern sailor could ask for. Reinforced knees and seat area make a rough time on deck a piece of cake. Premium materials such as TopFlex Neoprene or the full titanium body coating make ASCAN Cup a must have for any sailing daredevil.

Long-sleeved & short-sleeved Neoprene suits

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Wet or dry, overall or shorty. Our shop features a wide array of summer suits, winter overalls and all-rounder Neoprene apparel for any aquatic athlete of today’s water sports scene.

Lycra shirts & MetaliteSkin® Underwear

Like a second skin these thin Neoprene shirts additionally shield you from cold. You can wear them underneath your wetsuits or simply by themselves on warmer days. Lycra shirts feature ultra-violet radiation protection so your next day on water will not leave any sunburns the day after.

Neoprene for children

Yes we bring you water sports clothing for children too. Choose between different suits and items to brace your kids for the next day on water. Safe and inexpensive.

Safety items, shoes, gloves, accessories

In our shop you will also find a variety of different accessories and complementary items for your Neoprene wardrobe. From helmet to 7mm Neoprene shoe, from glove to Neoprene cap.

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